Parakeet Rescued by Actors Gaurav Gera and Rohit Gujjar Is Now Flying High

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After almost two months, a baby parakeet lovingly named Totu Gera – who was rescued by television actors Gaurav Gera and Rohit Gujjar while being attacked by a crow and then given to PETA India for rehabilitation at Kalote Animal Trust – was finally released and is now flying free again.

Gera, who along with Gujjar received a Hero to Animals Award, thanked PETA India on Instagram:

gaurav gera parakeet released video IG screenshot

He also posted a video on Instagram during the rescue, as his famous Billi Masi character, to tell his fans why birds don’t belong in cages. Actor Shilpa Shetty commented on the video to show her support:


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Khush Rehna Totu ❤️ @aadugera thank u @sachinsbangera thank u @petaindia I know you’ll take good Care of Totu ❤️ Mausa ji ka Beta [email protected] #gandizufra #TotuGera

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In nature, birds engage in social activities such as taking sand baths, playing hide-and-seek, dancing, building nests with their mates, and nurturing their young. However, when they’re caged, these normally vibrant animals become depressed and withdrawn. They often over-preen themselves to the point of mutilation. Some humans clip birds’ wings so that they can’t fly away, but flying is as natural and important to birds as walking is to humans. Birds are captured from their natural habitat, packed into small boxes, and shipped to be sold into captivity. Many suffer and die in transit, usually from broken wings or legs, dehydration, starvation, or stress.