One Direction: Pull Chimpanzee From Your New Video!

Posted on by PETA

One Direction, say it isn’t so! It’s been reported and confirmed (click through to see photos!) that the band used a live chimpanzee while filming their music video for “Steal My Girl.” Other wild animals were also on set with the chimpanzee, and they all came from the infamous Steve Martin’s Working Wildlife.


According to PETA US, Martin has been cited numerous times for mistreating animals, including citations for these issues:


  • Failing to provide adequate veterinary care
  • Locking chimpanzees and orang-utans in small cages for up to 18 hours a day
  • Failing to supply proper shelter from the elements
  • Denying animals adequate space, clean cages, and proper food


Animals are NOT ours to use for entertainment! It is standard practice for chimpanzees to be torn away from their mothers at birth and trained under threat of punishment to perform unnatural tricks for human amusement. Then only a few years later, these animals are commonly discarded at roadside zoos, forever trapped in captivity.

Steve Martin’s Working Wildlife has a history of disposing of unwanted chimpanzees and other wild animals by placing them in poorly run roadside zoos. Two chimpanzees Martin used ended up at the atrocious Garold Wayne Interactive Zoological Park, and in 2004, PETA US found a chimpanzee named Walter, who had also been discarded by Martin, living at the notorious Amarillo Wildlife Refuge roadside zoo.

Urge One Direction to cut the chimpanzee and other animal scenes from their video today, and ask them to pledge NEVER to work with wild animals again!