Our Mousey Pal Is Drunk With Happiness

Posted on by PETA

Poorva works with us on petaDishoom. Last night, she was walking through the Juhu market, playing with stray dogs, as is her usual evening habit, when a drunk old man, swaying and stuttering and spitting and smelling of cheap whiskey, shoved a mouse into her face, hoping the little creature would scare her so that he could get some weird childish pleasure in watching her run.Poorva did not run or even flinch. Instead, she grabbed the mouse from the man and tried to calm the mouse in her hands. The poor little mouse, though clearly domesticated, was shivering with fright and his little heart was thumping so hard, Poorva thought it might thump right out of his little chest if she was not careful. One of his eyes was half shut from infection.

Jayasimha, a PETA campaigner, agreed to give shelter to the mouse for the night at his flat where the little guy nibbled biscuits, drank water, built a nest of shredded paper and made his home in a baby shoe. PETA will ensure its new little friend receives veterinary care and a home where he has love, company and plenty of space to explore.