Whose the smartest of them all ?

Posted on by PETA

Dog.bmpBasketball-Playing, Limbo-Dancing Fish: Proof of IntelligenceIf you needed any more proof that fish are smart, sensitive creatures that deserve more than being battered or stuck in a glass bowl – meet Comet. He plays football, basketball, rugby, limbo dances and more. Now before you start thinking, “Oh that’s soooo cute, I want one. Isn’t Comet amazing?” take the blinkers off and also think about these fun facts:Fish are, by nature, intelligent beings. Comet is pretty darn amazing but so are all the other fish out there. So don’t go thinking he’s one of a kind.If fish are proven to be this clever, do they really deserve to be doomed to a 10×10 bowl for the rest of their lives, merely to amuse us impressionable humans? A fish tank is a glass prison – what’s the crime?Don’t even get me started on fish as food. If you eat fish, the story about Comet’s ‘tricks’ should serve as a good basis to, well… stop eating them. Would you eat your dog? ‘Cause dogs do some neat ‘tricks’ too.Have some interesting animals facts to share? We are waiting to hear from you on the Dishoom message boards.