McDonalds Goes Vegan

Posted on by PETA

The company known worldwide for its meat burgers and milkshakes, celebrated “Meatout” an annual affair organised by vegetarian advocates, at select outlets in Bangalore and Thane by offering a “Vegan Meal” for two days this week, thanks to the efforts of vegan advocates from Bangalore-based activist group DIYA (Do It Yourself Activists!).

McDonalds Indias Vegan Meal promotion consisted of a regular iced tea and medium fries at the menu price of Rs. 52, which could be used to complete a meal of one of the many McDonalds India vegan main dishes, including McVeggie, McAloo Tikki and Crispy Chinese, which come on a bun and are also egg- and milk-free. Vegan consumers can easily get these delicious veggie burgers with ketchup or chilli sauce instead of mayonnaise and other dairy-based toppings any day of the week.

Check out our Foodie section for a list of places to get awesome vegan food. McDonalds India is not the only company to offer products labelled as “vegan” in India. For example, popular chain Cafe Coffee Day includes a “vegan shake” on its menu which contains no milk or other animal products. Lush India marks many of its soaps with a green “V” to indicate they contain no animal-derived ingredients, and Vicco Vajradanti labels its toothpaste “vegan”.

Vegan food is good for animals and many times better for our health than meat. A Vegan Meal is truly a Happy Meal. Speaking of vegan McDonalds, have you ever heard of Reggie McVeggie? That is apparently Ronald McDonalds compassionate twin brother. No, he is not a McDonalds product, but a product of McVegan , an invention of Vegan Action McVegans motto is “billions and billions saved”.