Make a Wish for a Kinder World This Christmas

Posted on by PETA

Do you find yourself wishing that people would be kinder to animals? Sure, we all do. And that’s the goal behind PETA Youth‘s new mission.

Here’s how it works. Just write down your number-one wish for animals on a Christmas decoration that you create, like the one in the picture below. Take a snapshot of it. Then post it on your Facebook page, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest or whatever sharing site that you use and also send it to [email protected] by Christmas day. Use the hashtag #XmasWishForAnimals. We’ll be posting some of the best photographs on our blog and encouraging people to let this season of kindness and goodwill extend to animals, too.

We hope that each of the wishes serves as a reminder that all of us can make Christmas a great day for animals, too. We can change a homeless dog’s life by adopting instead of buying. We can save bunnies from suffering by shopping for cruelty-free body-care and household products. We can refuse to give our money to the people who keep animals captive in zoos or force them to perform in circuses. We can let chickens live instead of eating them. And we can let cows keep their skin and foxes keep their fur. It’s up to us.

Send us your wish for animals, then get out there and start making it come true!