Lush Agrees:Animal Testing is Cruel

Posted on by PETA

Did you know that most cosmetic products are tested on animals? Have you ever wondered how many animals suffer in labs for a bottle of shampoo? If you haven’t thought of these questions, please take this moment to ponder. Your actions could mean life or death for animals.

Millions of animals are tortured every year in laboratories—but we can help stop this cruelty simply by buying products which are not tested on animals. Just like PETA, there are companies that believe testing on animals is cruel.

LUSH is one such company that has launched a campaign to help educate consumers about animal testing. They will have an anti-animal testing display at every store in India to help spread the message of animal abuse. Next time you go shopping, please don’t buy products that are tested on animals. Go to the Lush store instead and buy a soap that smells and feels great!

PETA is compiling a list of companies that do not test on animals, so stay tuned for more information. Help PETA make this world a better place for animals. Put your compassion to the test and pledge never to purchase products from corporations that abuse animals.