Looking for Vegan Sweets?

Posted on by PETA

It is always wonderful to make special treats for your friends and family. There are several cruelty free and healthy vegan options available in the market— you can enjoy yummy motichur ladoo’s, jalebi’s and lip smacking soan papdi!

Although there are vegan sweets available at your local sweet shop, we would want you to make something extra special for your loved ones by making some sweets at home. My mother made delicious khajoor Bharfi this Diwali, and I have stolen her secret family recipe for you all. So make some barfi and courier it to me!

Khajoor Bharfi:
1.Dates – 1/2 kg (seedless)
2.Almonds – 200gm
3.Cashew nuts – 200 gms
4.Pistachios – 100 gms (unsalted)
5.Green cardamom – 6 (grind the seeds)

Wash the seedless dates and grind them into a paste. Place them on a non stick pan for about 5-10 minutes till the paste becomes dry. Then place the mixture in a plate and add the almonds, cashew nuts, pistachios and ground cardamoms and kneed them well, while the paste is hot. Make thick long rolls and tightly wrap them in cling film. Refrigerate the rolls for an hour, remove cling wrap, cut them and eat or serve.

Our vegan campaigner Himani has also agreed to give away her FREE recipes. You simply need to send her an e-mail at [email protected] and please don’t forget to share your recipes with us!