Lacing Up for Animals: PETA India and FirstRand Run the Tata Mumbai Marathon!

Posted on by Erika Goyal

FirstRand and PETA India took to the streets of Mumbai on 21 January to run for animals at the iconic Tata Mumbai Marathon. The team of 20 was made up of five sporty staff members from PETA India and 15 from FirstRand, a generous PETA India sponsor. The corporate and investment banking solutions organisation swapped its power suits for running tees to raise funds ahead of the big day. On the morning of the event, they laced up their trainers, hit the pavement, and worked up a sweat to help end animal suffering!

FirstRand’s spirited team put weeks of training to the test in the Dream Run category, the Half Marathon, or the Open 10K. FirstRand teammate Richa said that knowing she would be helping to improve animals’ lives around the world motivated her to put on her running shoes and face her biggest challenge yet.

Richa’s running journey is fuelled by her compassion for animals.

Abishek, a colleague of Richa’s, said that even on the most exhausting training days, he found satisfaction in knowing that his efforts would benefit animals facing misery far worse than any of his aches and pains: “I want to save animals from abuse, and I’m glad to have the opportunity to strengthen all of PETA India’s work through my run.”

Abishek considers side stitches and shin splints a small price to pay when it comes to helping animals.

Thanks to the participation of FirstRand’s wonderful team, PETA India was able to raise a combined amount of Rs 4,55,784 to help stop animals from being used for experimentation, food, clothing, or entertainment or abused in any other way.

The 20 athletes proudly carried the torch for animal rights all the way to the finish line – their presence reminded onlookers that animals depend on us to act with kindness. The cheers of enthusiastic supporters along the picturesque Marine Drive route lifted spirits, and the rhythmic music, including drums, put a pep in the runners’ steps.

More than just a race, the Tata Mumbai Marathon is said to be a testament to the power of the human spirit and collective action. This year, over 56,000 participants came together, transforming the city into a vibrant tapestry of individuals united in their determination and sportsmanship. Since its inception, the marathon has supported over 700 non-governmental organisations and made a real difference in millions of lives.

Five PETA India superheroes ran for animal rights at this year’s Tata Mumbai Marathon: Hiraj Laljani, Yogendra Nikam, Chiranjib Mazumdar, Ritesh, and Gunjan Kapadia.

The runner’s high lasted far beyond the finish line, and it inspired attendees to embrace a more compassionate future. Our team even met several supporters who were eager to get active in PETA India’s campaigns. With their finisher medals symbolising progress towards animal liberation, we’re sure the runners will be doing a victory lap as soon as they can feel their feet again.

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