Ireland Bans Puppy Mills

Posted on by PETA

Irish eyes are smiling because Ireland has banned puppy mills. Puppy mills are cruel breeding farms notorious for cramped enclosures, filth, malnutrition, exposure, disease and dogs who suffer as a result of a lack of socialisation and veterinary care. Puppy mills then sell puppies on to pet stores.

All puppies must also be microchipped so that the breeder can be identified and authorities can inspect and shut down any facility that fails to meet the standards set by the new regulations.

Ireland has set an example for other countries to follow, including India, where pet shops keep animals in tiny, filthy cages. The pet trade is also responsible for contributing to the homeless animal crisis. Every time someone buys a dog or cat from a breeder or pet store, a homeless animal roaming the streets or waiting in an animal shelter loses a chance at a home – and a chance at a good life.

PETA India has been asking the Ministry of Environment and Forests to pass the Pet Shop Rules, 2010, to help make the lives of our canine friends a little better.

Please ask the ministry to pass this important legislation.