IIFA Winner Sonu Sood Speaks Up for Seals

Posted on by PETA

Sonu Sood, Bollywood’s sexy vegetarian, has teamed up with PETA again, this time for stopping the largest slaughter of marine mammals in the world for their fur. Sonu, who was recently in Canada for the  prestigious International Indian Film Academy (IIFA) Awards, took time out of his packed schedule to write a letter to the Prime Minister of Canada, Steven Harper, urging him to end the slaughter of baby seals there.

Every year, a band of fishers descends on the ice in order to beat thousands of seals to death and sell the animals’ pelts on the international fur market. Sealers routinely hook baby seals in the eye, cheek or mouth and drag them across the ice, often while the animals are still conscious. Many of the seals killed in the massacre are only a few weeks old. Sonu wrote: “Canada has a lot to offer – natural beauty, exciting cities, and rich culture. However, there’s one thing that’s harming Canada’s international reputation – its annual commercial seal slaughter”.

Thanks, Sonu! Kind people everywhere as well as world leaders such as Barack Obama and Vladimir Putin have spoken out against the clubbing of baby seals, and Canadian seal products have been banned by the US and, more recently, by the EU.

Sonu is not the only Indian celeb speaking up against this cruelty. He is joined by other big names such as Mallika Sherawat, Ayesha Takia, Rahul Khanna, Mahesh Bhupathi, Hard Kaur and more who have expressed their support for this campaign via Twitter!

Support PETA and your fave stars by taking action online to help baby seals now!