Gorilla at Cincinnati Zoo Pays With His Life for Others’ Negligence

Posted on by PETA

A 17-year-old gorilla named Harambe is dead, and a child is in the hospital. Why?

According to news reports, the youngster managed to crawl through a fence before falling into the gorilla enclosure at the Cincinnati Zoo and Botanical Gardens. Harambe reportedly picked up the boy and moved him around. Even though the zoo’s director acknowledged that he was not attacking the boy, it was believed that a tranquilizer wouldn’t work fast enough.

Gorillas are self-aware. They love, laugh, sing, play and grieve. Western lowland gorillas are gentle animals. They don’t attack unless they’re provoked.

Who can forget gorilla Binti Jua, who gently picked up an unconscious boy who had fallen into her enclosure and cradled him in her arms before carefully handing him over to Brookfield Zoo keepers?

Zoos cannot even begin to meet these magnificent animals’ complex needs. In April 2016, ChaCha the chimpanzee escaped from a zoo in Japan and tried his best to stay free, perched atop an electric pole, before he was sedated, fell from the pole into a blanket, and then was taken back to the zoo.




Choose cruelty-free entertainment. Take a hike in the woods and watch wildlife in their natural habitat.

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