Go Vegan – It’s Easier Than You Think, Says PETA India in New Billboard Campaign

Posted on by Erika Goyal

For World Vegan Month (November), PETA India has put up billboards in Chandigarh, Chennai, Goa, and Kolkata encouraging passers-by to try vegan eating, as it is easier than they think. The billboards show images of delicious-looking rajma chawal, phuchkas, idlis, and sol kadhi, which are traditional food items from the respective states, to drive home the point that vegan food is everywhere – including at roadside eateries and dhabas.

In today’s meat, egg, and dairy industries, huge numbers of animals are raised in vast warehouses in severe confinement. As PETA India reveals in the video exposé “Glass Walls”, chickens used for eggs are crammed into cages so small they cannot spread a wing; pigs are stabbed in the heart as they scream; and on the decks of fishing boats, fish suffocate or are cut open while they’re still alive. And male calves are commonly abandoned, left to starve, or killed because they cannot produce milk.

Our free vegan starter kit helps everyone embrace vegan eating, which also reduces the risk of suffering from cancer, heart disease, diabetes, and obesity; helps fight the climate catastrophe by reducing greenhouse gas emissions; and can even prevent future pandemics. COVID-19, SARS, swine flu, and bird flu have all been linked to confining and killing animals for food.

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