FuzzCulture’s Srijan Mahajan Slams Circuses

Posted on by PETA

We bet you’ve never seen FuzzCulture quite like this before. That’s because music sensation Srijan Mahajan recently chatted with PETA India about the cruelty of forcing animals to perform in circuses. Included in the exclusive interview are scenes that show the routine abuse of elephants, ponies and even dogs forced to perform in circuses.

“We’re all performers here, but we perform because we want to – out of choice – but an animal doesn’t want to perform like that”, says Srijan. “As a basic principle of life, we should all be free on this Earth … [In circuses], animals are beaten into submission to do what he’s supposed to do.”

But there’s some good news: following a nine-month investigation of circuses by PETA, elephants and other animals have been rescued from two circuses.  PETA is now calling on authorities to ban the use of all animals in circuses. Until the ban goes into full effect, just take Srijan’s advice, and the next time you feel like enjoying some great entertainment, skip the cruel circus and take in a hot concert instead.

You can help. Act now to urge the government to ban the use of animals in circuses