The Stars of ‘Fugly’ Say Fur Is Ugly

Posted on by PETA

The stars of the hit corruption thriller Fugly recently made a special stop on their promotional tour in order to launch their new ad campaign for PETA and spread the word that angora fur and wool aren’t fashionable – they’re fugly.

Boxer and actor Vijender Singh explained that a “PETA Asia investigation found workers violently ripping the fur from the animals’ sensitive skin as they scream in pain”. Concerned co-star Kiara Advani added, “The rabbits who have their fur cut go through an equally brutal process … [they] struggle to get out of the situation and go through pain and stress, it’s extremely traumatic, terrifying”.

And that’s not all. As Arfi Lamba pointed out, “Rabbits are kept in tiny filthy cages surrounded by their own waste. These cages offer very little protection from natural element[s] … [T]hey spend their entire life in these cages, where these thin wires cut into their sensitive footpads”. Ninety per cent of angora fur and wool comes from China, where there are no standards or penalties to regulate how animals are housed, handled or killed.

Concluded Mohit Marwah, “Angora fur also known as angora wool is found in scarves jackets, etc including those sold in India. Please stop using fur and wool and stop cruelty against animals”.

Real fashionistas go faux. Be like the stars of Fugly: read garment labels, and pledge never to wear or buy angora fur and wool.