Force India racers pledge never to eat foie gras

Posted on by PETA

Force India drivers and Formula One racers Vitantonio Liuzzi and Adrian Sutil have pledged never to support cruelty to birds who are cruelly force-fed and killed for foie gras. Tonio is from Italy and Adrian is from Germany, and they both are enthusiastic young drivers who represent Vijay Mallya’s team, Force India.

For those of you who don’t know what foie gras is, the translation in English means ‘fatty liver’. It’s made by workers forcefully fattening geese and ducks by inserting metal pipes down their throats to pump grains and fat into their stomachs, causing unimaginable distress and swelling. These animals become sick and are often unable to move, leading to their death. Is this not shameful?

Foie gras production has been banned in 16 countries, including Britain, Germany, and Israel. This surely goes to show that it is very cruel and unjust, which is why PETA will be contacting hotels and restaurants across India to urge them to establish a policy against carrying this cruel product. Urge your friends never to eat foie gras by showing them this video narrated by Kate Winslet.