Bite Back Against Bullying

Posted on by PETA

Whether you’re a brand-new fresher this year or a seasoned student, going back to campus always arouses a mix of emotions. On the plus side, there are freedom, friends and new adventures. But there are also homework, stress and, unfortunately, bullies. Every campus seems to have a few, and they can be pretty intimidating. The thing to remember is that bullies are cowards. Deep down, they’re insecure, which is why they go after easy targets.

Bullies don’t pick only on human victims. They often take their issues out on animals, too – whether on their own cats and dogs at home or on stray animals who happen to be in the wrong place at the wrong time. In fact, the link between cruelty to animals and violence against humans has been well established: many serial killers and other violent criminals first “practiced” on animals. The opposite also holds true: Developing compassion and empathy for animals can help us develop empathy for – and reject violence against – all beings, including humans.

Order copies of PETA Youth‘s brand-new poster asking everyone to report cruelty to animals when they see it and post it on the notice board in your school or college, in your society and in your neighbourhood. Whether a dog is chained 24/7 in your neighbour’s yard or a family member won’t stop yelling at and hitting his or her cat, cruelty is cruelty – and you should speak up. Stopping a bully today might just save a life tomorrow.

Order your posters from [email protected], and send us photos of where they were posted.