The Beheadings No One Is Talking About

Posted on by PETA

Atrocities in faraway places – such as beheadings of journalists in the Middle East – can make us feel powerless to do anything about them. After all, what can the average person do to help stop horrors that are happening elsewhere? But there are actually ways that we can help stop the violence and bloodshed – and even beheadings.


Think about it: at this very moment, millions of living beings who experience pain and fear, just like humans, are being violently killed – they’re often scalded, dismembered or skinned while still conscious, and yes, they’re beheaded. Animals who are used for food – including gentle lambs, scared chickens, innocent cows and calves and screaming piglets – often get their heads lopped off when sent to slaughter. But everyone who consumes meat can choose to take a stand today and say, “Not in my name”.



By choosing to eat foods that don’t come from animals, we can not only save animals’ lives – which is worthy in itself – but also help save our own lives. Studies show that vegetarians and vegans slash their risk of heart disease and strokes and are less likely to develop cancer and diabetes.

A nonviolent diet also helps people all over the world by combating climate change  (animal agriculture is a top producer of greenhouse gases), saving water (animal agriculture is also a major consumer – and polluter – of water) and fighting hunger (eating plants directly is far more economical than funnelling them through animals first).

Nonviolence can begin on our plates. PETA’s free vegetarian/vegan starter kit can help you start doing your part to promote peace today.