5 Ways to Go Green on St. Patrick’s Day

Posted on by PETA

What better day to go green than St. Patrick’s Day? The following are five simple ways that you can make this St. Patrick’s Day one for animals and the environment:

1. Get Informed


One of the leading causes of climate change is meat production. Inform yourself and everyone you know that “meat’s not green”!

2. Go Vegan

Anu and Bayer at VT Station

The best thing that you can do as an individual to help the environment is to go vegan. Go green (and help animals!) by pledging to go vegan today.

3. Share ‘Meat’s Not Green’





Share the video that exposes the link between factory farming and climate change.

4. Spread the Word

collage of VSK


Take it to the streets – pass out vegan starter kits and encourage others to go green, too! Order yours for FREE, and tell us how many you need.

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5. Eat Greener

vegan spinach pasta with cashew cream

Consider trying out a new green food that is healthy, delicious and in the spirit of the holiday! Might we suggest this Spinach Pasta with Vegan Cashew ‘Cream’ Sauce?

Oh, and don’t forget to wear green, of course!