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Bull Dies During Jallikattu

Written by PETA

Posted 01-15-2013, 10:37 AM | 77 Comments

UPDATE: On 7May 2014, the Honourable Supreme Court of India banned jallikattu, bull races, bullfights and other uses of bulls in performances.

Inspectors authorised by the Animal Welfare Board of India, a statutory body under the Ministry of Environment and Forests, report that during the jallikattu event held on Monday, 14 January 2013, in Avaniapuram, Madurai, a bull died from a head-on collision with a moving passenger bus because of the absence of a contained collection area for the bulls, which is a violation of the Madurai bench of the Chennai High Court guidelines that are intended to regulate jallikattu.

Participants forcing fluids, likely liquor, down the bulls’ throats.

The terrified bull ended up in the accident on the main road after running frantically away from jallikattu participants who had been chasing and deliberately agitating him. Other panicked bulls also ran from the jallikattu area onto the main road into the midst of oncoming traffic. The inspectors reported that no veterinarians could be found at the scene of the death and also witnessed cruelties, such as a person biting the tail of a bull, other people poking bulls with knives and twisting their tailbones and organisers poking and beating animals with wooden sticks and forcing fluids, likely liquor, down the bulls’ throats.

Panicked bull ran from the jallikattu area onto the main road into the midst of oncoming traffic.

Although the Ministry of Environment and Forests issued a notification which banned the use of bulls as performing animals – thereby banning jallikattu – the Tamil Nadu government is supporting and permitting jallikattu to be held throughout the state. Jallikattu supporters claim that the events are being held under High Court and Supreme Court guidelines. However, PETA contends that the guidelines are meaningless because they do not prevent the cruelty to animals inherent during jallikattu or stop participants and spectators from getting hurt. During jallikattu, terrified bulls are chased, kicked, punched, jumped on, dragged to the ground and otherwise tormented – acts that violate the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals Act, 1960.

Bull died from a head-on collision with a moving passenger during jallikattu.

PETA is calling on authorities to ban jallikattu since it puts both animals’ and people’s lives at risk. You can help by taking action here.

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  • Heidi

    India what say you …..what is the difference between your children and God’s creatures?

  • Mica

    India is cruel. Very shocking thought this kind of barbaric act existed in Spain! Evil sick people in this World who just like to abuse defenceless animals. I dont holiday anywhere not even in Europe! My life is unbearable knowing the cruelty to animals .They are cowards who abuse animals.

  • Preeti

    Brutuality to animals also allows us to “psychologically accept” brtuality to humans. The worst is abuse for entertainment. If communities need adrenalin to pep up their lives, why not shift to human jaliikattus? Let’s see if that is fun!!

  • BEAR

    This is a disgusting display of extreme cruelty , utter ignorance , and presents India as an extremely backward land . Are they not aware of the world wide publicity all this getting ? Finally , I THOUGHT THEY BELIEVED IN KARMA .

  • Vanda Silva

    Please Stop it!!
    We are rational, not cruel!!

  • Marga

    Please stop abusing these animals, just for entertaining people. All animals have feelings too. It’s just awful how the animals have to suffer.

  • Marga

    Please stop abusing these poor animals!!! They don’t deserve it to be treated like they don’t have any feelings. This is just for the fun and entertainment for people, this is not right!

  • Tammy Ebers

    Please stop using Animals for entertainment! Have respect for all living beings especially Animals, they do not deserve the cruel treatment.

  • Jo

    how cruel are these men , i never go to India until these horrors exist

  • Vikas Jain

    Only one way to make a batter world is Save animal save humanity. We feel pain, these animals also feels the same.
    We human love our children,these animals also do the same. The difference is we human are selfish, money minded, cheap, but these
    animals do not have these qualities.

  • Priti Dutta

    we since our child hood depend on animals. why do people treat them as their entertainment? any kind of cruelty should immediately be stopped.can human use their family members for their entertainment like they do with animals. people have no right to play with animals life.if i get a chance i would really hang those people to same death as they did to the innocent bull. govt should create a special law for animals favor in all parts of india.any festivals related to animals should be banned in india.also over loaded transportation of animals should be stopped. Because we know our govt well that what ever we are writing will go waste yet i would request that in india any kind of over loaded animal carts which are used in every part of our country in daily routine should be given a limit. I would want to stop it but i know till the time govt is not strict and serious for their decisions people will never change.

  • Helena

    Totally unnecessary. Just a bunch of idiots chasing and terrifying a bull. Don’t they have better things to do? What is it that people like bullying animals who can’t fight back?

  • U. Seier-Maltz

    WHY? Torture for fun??? What a rotten world!

  • Irene Leggett

    Once again, it appears that humans have lost all compassion, all empathy and certainly all moral ethics. I always thought India respected cattle but now it appears the country is as cruel as any other. The people of India are hyrpocties as theey are as abusive and as brutal towards cattle. Shame on any country that allows animals to be tortured and tormented for the sake of ‘fun, sport and entertainment’ Shame in India, I thought better of you.

  • Jagdish Mittal

    I do not know why these events are still not stopped.

  • Ajay Verma

    ‘Jalikattu’ is neither safe for human beings nor for the poor animals. I urge the authorities to immediately take action for banning the same.

  • Dia Smith Redman


  • Pandit Neelesh Ishwarchandra

    How can you say that you are HINDU?
    In Hinduism Bull is considered as a very Sacred being.
    Shame on it, why we are still doing such cruelity to animals.
    The sacrifices of Goats during Id (Islamic festival) and in many Hindu rituals (specially in Bihar, Jharkhand and West Bengal) should be stopped.
    Killing of dogs in Manipur and Nagaland should be stopped.
    Time has come that we all animal lovers collectively raise our voice that can reach to the deaf ears of Indian Govt.
    “Jallikattu” is not a hindu tradition, its just cruelity.
    Save animals stop Jallikattu.

  • Kristy Mason

    wikipedia says this that bulls are rarely injured or killed at this event!! I let them know otherwise!

  • Kristy Mason

    I’m so disgusted at this!!! What is wrong with this people? Please stop this or you’ll have no tourists. Where is this anyhow? I’ll be sure to avoid it. “Tradition” is NEVER an excuse for cruelty!!!

  • Gigi

    This is just plain animal cruelty. No sane, compassionate society would allow this to continue. Everyone associated with this horrible act should be punished for their role in the torture of this helpless animal.

  • Ivana

    This is horrible! Stop this torture of sentient beings!

  • Anne Barusta

    I am very shocked that India supports events like these. It is time to change your laws and become human.

  • Edeneide Barabas

    This cruelty must stop. All living creatures must be treated with respect, compassion. Shame on India.

  • Daniele Halle

    Bunch of idiots

  • Chander Kumar Soni

    may god kill bull killers.

  • Alison Dye

    Stop the animal abuse and cruelty of innocent animals. India – this is shameful action – the whole world watches you and judges you.

  • Leah

    Ban animal exploitation and customs that contribute to this.

  • Anna Fiona

    Unfortunately every country has their barbaric forms of “tradition” and “culture”. It is well past the time to move beyond torture and killing as a form of expression or celebration. I hope that the meager laws that are in place can force this unnecessary suffering to an end.

  • Viv Cecil

    Tormenting, abusing and killing innocent animals in the name of tradition and sport is not acceptable in a civilised society. Mahatma Gandhi said “One judges a nation on how it treats it’s animals”.

  • Judith

    Please please stop these atrocious acts against these innocent animals. What have they done to deserve this treatment? They are hardworking animals that India depends on.

  • Linda C. Phelan

    This is a disgusting display of animal cruelty and pack mentality by an obviously ignorant and unethical group of human vermin. Why is this tolerated and why aren’t gov’t agencies intervening to stop this practice? Are these of the same ilk that are committing crimes and atrocieties against the ‘human’ also???

  • Deepak Vohra


  • Mica

    That is so right we have no right to kill any animal, torture and abuse them, they are Gods animals what right do we have? India should be ashamed, I did not think this happens in their country. The World has gone mad with evil people.

  • Suchithra

    Can we write to somebody to move the Tamil Nadu Goverment on the ban of Jallikattu? Or help in any other way

  • Barry Kybird

    Stop these vile cruel acts to bulls in India. I was led to believe that Indians valued their nimals, but it seems not so, from videos of cruelty inflicted to these defenceless animals. Shame on you India.

  • Linda W. Seely

    how can anyone get a thrill off of seeing some poor animals suffer for pleasure. you morons, this must stop. these are God’s creatures
    and they must not have to suffer because of crazy people in our world. THANKS PETA FOR DOING WHAT YOU CAN TO STOP THIS.

  • JAYA

    For every action there is a reaction. According to the law of karma, if we cause pain and suffering to other living beings, we must endure pain and suffering in return, both individually and collectively. We reap what we sow, in this life and the next, for nature has her own justice. No one can escape the law of karma.

  • Shaurya Jauhari

    Some people making supportive comments for Jallikattu must realize that pointing fingers on others doesn’t render them innocent. I humbly acknowledge that there are many fundamental confrontations towards the scope of animal welfare, but haven’t you heard of – “charity begins at home”!
    Also, ” …. shedding crocodile tears over just one bull’s death ….” is ABSOLUTELY UNACCEPTABLE ! Every life is sacred and valuable. Grow up , pal ! And just for record sake, neither do I drink milk nor fly kite !

  • Shaurya Jauhari

    Too many laws to follow, but none what so ever! It ill instils upon me to know that people have characterized living legends as toys. Why are we banishing in the gallows of immorality? It should be stringently taken up by the ministries and bureaucracies that the temple of law and justice has been subjected to contempt. It should be incumbent upon them to end this bloody show.

  • Radhika Gupta

    Animals without a doubt form some of the best parts of our life. We are all inter dependent on the animals for our day to day needs. Therefore, I would request the authorities to look into the matters and therefore, bring out the laws which are going to curb the negligent death of these animals.

  • Kathleen Simmons

    The people involved in this cruelty should be ashamed of themselves. This is heart-breaking and to think that India was considered a country of peace. Mother Teresa would also be shocked by the lack of compassion.

  • Abhipsa

    Pleaseeeee dnt punish the innocet so cruelly… there r enough humans roaming around freely, who needs worse death than these poor souls who have done nothing for this torture… I would start with the ones who are responsible for this torture

  • Anasua

    sud b stopped at once.dey sud be jailed under the law of offence of killng animal

  • Joseba Gonzalez

    Please,stop cruelty,be more human and protect everything.Be good.

  • Vinay

    Its really very pity to see that we human claim to be the most privileged species on this earth who has got brain to develop ourselves But on what cost are we so inhuman lost our mercy for these pity Animals Because they cannot express pain in our Language the cannot cry as we do They cannot Shout as we do is it so? God has created us for the betterment of this beautiful planet not to destroy it because of our silly greed & needs.
    If we do not get awakened now we are going to Ruin it.
    If we cannot Provide Life To Dead We have No Right To kill.

  • Lisa Price

    end jaliikattu now!


    This inhuman brutal act has to be stopped.

  • M

    This is ridiculous and it must be stopped immediately.


    Stop the Cruelty !


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