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Vegan Virtue Infiltrates The Indian Luxury Expo, With Actor Allu Sirish

Written by PETA

Posted 10-03-2015, 01:18 PM

Everyone likes to bask in the comfort of luxury, but the attendees of The Indian Luxury Expo in Hyderabad experienced how some luxury goods also make your conscience feel good because no animals were harmed to create them.

At PETA’s stall, guests learned that we don’t need to injure and kill animals to make sumptuous fashion, food or beauty products.

ExtraVEGANza PETA stall at the Indian Luxury Expo ,Hyderabad

ExtraVEGANza PETA stall at the Indian Luxury Expo, Hyderabad.

Visitors were encouraged to feel our vegan fabric swatches, including faux fur from The Throw Company and Faux Throw, canvas from Fabrino, and vegan leather from Alcantara, Studio Leatherette and Winner Nippon. We also had vegan bags and shoes for guests to fawn over by popular brands, including Baggit, Ecowings, Merci, Veruschka and Ethik.


Hit actor Allu Sirish helped PETA promote caring consumerism by explaining that we all have the ability to save animals from being blinded, cut up and poisoned for product testing by purchasing cruelty-free cosmetics. PETA’s bunny mascot helped spread Allu’s animal-friendly message by carrying a “Be a Caring Consumer: Buy Cruelty-Free” placard.


Actor Allu Sirish with PETA’s bunny mascot at the Indian Luxury Expo

It’s never been easier to veganize your life and save animals. Simply order PETA’s free vegetarian/vegan starter kit, complete with nutrition information, how-to-transition tips and tasty recipes, to start living cruelty-free.

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PETA Ups The Indian Luxury Expo’s Game With Cruelty-Free Comforts, With Guest Star Allu Sirish

Written by PETA

Posted 09-29-2015, 10:46 AM

The Indian Luxury Expo showcases leading luxury brands to an elite and discerning target audience. This year, the expo is taking an animal-friendly turn by partnering with PETA to shine the spotlight on vogue-worthy vegan fashion, cruelty-free cosmetics and decadent vegan chocolate starting 3 October in Hyderabad. Guest star Allu Sirish will be attending and adding a dash of glamour to this extravagant evening!

Indian Luxury Expo

The opulent event will feature a PETA booth where guests can learn about vegan trendsetting and get the scoop on how to help animals who are abused for clothing, beauty product testing and food. We’ll also have cruelty-free cosmetics by Vicco Laboratories and swatches of vegan leather, faux fur, fake snake and mock croc on display for guests to marvel at, proving that animals do not need to suffer for people to look and feel their best. PETA’s “cow” mascot will be giving style mavens wearing cruelty-free clothing “Fake for Animals’ Sake” badges so they can flaunt their compassionate fashion. Just look for the “ExtraVEGANza: Be Classy Without Cruelty” and “The Indian Luxury Expo Supports PETA” backdrops to find us!

All that elegance can make a person hungry, so stop by PETA’s stall to try one of Mason & Co’s scrumptious plant-based chocolates while you’re ogling vegan bags from Baggit, gqp Accessories, Ecowings and Merci. We’ll also have vegan shoes by Ethik, Funk, Senso Vegetarian and Veruschka and banana-silk saris from Pallod Creations. Now that it’s fall, cosy up to a faux-fur jacket from ASOS – luxury with a conscience has never felt so fabulous. See you on 3 October in Hyderabad!

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PETA ‘Spices’ Things Up at Pageant Finale

Written by PETA

Posted 09-28-2015, 02:16 PM

As if things weren’t spicy enough at Cinema Spice’s Mr & Miss Spice Pageant, PETA added a dash of animal-friendly flavour to the glamorous grand finale, which took place at Confluence Banquets and Resorts in Chennai on 27 September.

PETA set up a stall at the event to promote our various animal-protection campaigns. Visitors to our stall loaded up on lots of info about all our campaigns.We also handed out badges that read, “Spice up your life! Try vegan”, to lots of excited event-goers.

PETA stall

But that’s not all! We played a video about our campaigns to help animals who are killed for food, used for experiments, used for clothing, used for entertainment and abused in any other way, and PETA’s own Benazir Suraiya was one of the pageant judges.

GRoup photo in PETA T-shirt

Benazir Suraiya sitting with actor Neha Pawar, cosmetic surgeon Dr Rajnikanth and actor Pradhayini.

Benazir Suraiya sitting with actor Neha Pawar, cosmetic surgeon Dr Rajnikanth and actor Pradhayini.

In the end, Raaj Saravanan and Shweta Gai were crowned Mr & Miss Spice. As part of their prize, each of them won a PETA gift basket full of goodies.


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Bihar Chief Electoral Officer Reminds Political Parties to Refrain From Using Animals During Election Campaigns

Written by PETA

Posted 09-23-2015, 09:17 AM

Following a campaign by PETA India, the Chief Electoral Officer of Bihar sent letters to all political parties in the state reminding them to follow the Election Commission of India’s (ECI) 2012 advisory, which urges parties to refrain from using animals in political campaigns. Letters have also been sent to District Magistrates in all Bihar districts to ensure strict compliance with the ECI advisory.

The move comes after PETA India apprised the Chief Election Commissioner of India and the Chief Electoral Officer of Bihar in July 2015 of Rashtriya Janata Dal (RJD) President Lalu Prasad Yadav’s plans to use 1,000 “tam tams” (horse-drawn carriages) for political campaigning.

PETA India warned that such an action by the RJD would be against the spirit of the ECI advisory and encouraged authorities to remind political parties not to use animals. The RJD later chose not to use the tam tams.

As PETA India – whose motto reads, in part, that “animals are not ours to abuse in any way” – also pointed out in its letter, animals used in political campaigns can sometimes become spooked, which can result in serious injury to the horses and the people around them. In addition, they are made to carry loads that are too heavy for them and denied adequate food and water.

You Can Help Animals

Pledge never to ride in horse-drawn carriages.

PETA Participates in Shaan-e-Pakistan to Help Birds

Written by PETA

Posted 09-17-2015, 08:49 AM

Shaan-e-Pakistan, a three-day fashion and cultural fiesta, united two nations – India and Pakistan – through fashion, food and music at The Grand New Delhi.

PETA set up a stall at the event to promote our “Let Birds Fly Free” campaign and spread awareness of the cruelty of keeping birds in cages

Ben & Volunteer

When captured and put inside cages, birds become depressed and withdrawn. They often over-preen themselves to the point of mutilation. Some people force birds to endure painful wing-clipping so that the animals cannot fly away, yet flying is as natural and important to them as walking is to us.

Pakistani Designer Huma Nassr- Shaanepak organizer

Benazir with Designer Huma Nassr & Shaan-E-Pak organizer

A visitor with our badge

A visitor with our badge

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Rescued Kitten Up for Adoption

Written by PETA

Posted 09-15-2015, 11:37 AM

This 4-week-old kitten with hazel-coloured eyes is looking for a permanent home. Would you like to adopt her?

kitty clicked by erika

Erika Goyal, a PETA staff member, found the kitten struggling to survive near the Andheri railway station in Mumbai. She learned from people nearby that someone had simply dumped her there.

This beauty now needs a permanent home with a loving family. If you’re interested in adopting this little bundle of joy, please contact

The kitten’s sterilisation and initial vaccinations will be handled or reimbursed by PETA.

Remember: please always stop and help whenever you see an animal in distress.

Animals in distress button image

Countless dogs and cats are languishing on the streets or waiting in animal shelters for a loving home. Do your bit to ensure as many animals as possible get good homes by never buying a dog or a cat from a breeder or a pet shop and by adopting a homeless animal from a shelter or the street instead.


Neil Nitin Mukesh Says NO To Elephant Joyrides

Written by PETA

Posted 09-09-2015, 05:43 PM

Neil Nitin Mukesh

Bollywood’s versatile heartthrob Neil Nitin Mukesh – whose upcoming year-end releases Wazir and Prem RatanDhanPayo are eagerly awaited –posed for a brand-new PETA India festive-focused campaign today at Mehboob Studio.

Known as an avid follower of Ganesh Chaturthi, Neil celebrates the festival with great fervour with his family and friends every year but is saddened that, while we pray to Lord Ganesha, captive elephants suffer.

The well articulated actor, who is also an ardent animal lover, considers it is his ethical responsibility to educate his fans on how the majestic jungle kings have been turned into slaves and are deprived of a natural habitat that’s integral to their well-being.

“It’s paradoxical that on one hand, we revere Lord Ganesha, and on the other hand, we ride on elephants – for which their minds are caged, bodies are tormented and souls are imprisoned.You can help put a stop to this insensitive crime by refusing to ride on elephants.” states, Neil.

So-called elephant “joyrides” are least joyful and most painful for the elephants who are forced to participate in these revolting practices. A PETA-commissioned investigation of elephant training in Nepal and a PETA investigation of elephants used for rides in Jaipur revealed that elephants are physically and emotionally abused at every juncture.

Neil’s hairstyling was done by Amit Parekh and make-up was done by Vaseem Shaikh Ahmed. Keep an eye out for other visuals of this campaign here on the PETA site shot by ace photographer Rohan Shrestha.

You can help by encouraging your friends & family never to ride elephants!


9 Things to Do if You Witness Cruelty to Animals

Written by PETA

Posted 09-09-2015, 04:36 PM

Witnessing cruelty to animals is an upsetting experience, but knowing how to handle the situation properly can save a life and prevent the abuser from harming other victims. Here are nine things to do if you see someone abuse an animal:

1. Remain calm and get veterinary care. Please don’t assume that someone else will help. An abused animal may need immediately veterinary care, without which, he or she may suffer for a long time or die from his or her injuries. If you must leave the animal momentarily, ask someone you trust to stay with him or her while you’re gone and return as soon as possible with help. Check out our guidance on what to do if you spot an animal in distress.

2. Speak up, because if you don’t, who will? If you see a chained dog, befriend his or her guardians and help them make positive changes to care for their animal companion and to allow him or her to live indoors. If children are throwing stones at birds, don’t hesitate to tell them to stop and explain why it’s wrong to hurt animals. Check out these other tips on what to do about chained dogs.

3. Know the law. Familiarise yourself with animal-protection laws by visiting the websites of the Animal Welfare Board of India  and the Ministry of Environment, Forest and Climate Change.

4. Document the crime. The second you see that something is wrong, take a photo or video with your cell phone to document the details if you can, and be sure to capture important information such as license plate numbers and a visual of the abuser. Collect witnesses if you can, and get statements from experts, such as veterinarians, about the animal’s physical condition or cause of death.

5. File a first information report (FIR) with the police immediately. Report the crime to the police. A FIR sets the process of criminal justice into motion – police will investigate a case only after a FIR has been filed. If you don’t know how to file a FIR, this guide will help.  The police are required to take your FIR. If in spite of this, your FIR isn’t registered, take the matter up with the Superintendent of Police or other higher-level officers, such as the Deputy Inspector General of Police or the Inspector General of Police. You can also file a private complaint with the court.

6. Notify other appropriate authorities. In addition to law-enforcement officials, think about other authorities you could file a complaint with. For example, if you witness cruelty to animals at a tourist site, notify the Minister of Tourism of the state you’re in. If someone is abusive to wildlife, contact a forest officer via your state’s forest department, or if the abuse occurred on a college campus, get in touch with the dean. Contact details of such officials can usually be found easily on the Internet.

7. Contact animal-protection groups. Local animal-protection groups, veterinarians and animal-welfare officers can provide you with further assistance. You can use PETA’s helpful links to online directories.

8. Be persistent. Don’t let criminals get away with abusing animals. Follow up with local authorities about your case, meet with officials and consider contacting the media to generate coverage and momentum. You can even seek legal counsel if necessary and take your case to court. Many lawyers are willing to help animals for free – you just need to ask.

9. Thank the people who helped. Share victories with others, and acknowledge the people who helped you obtain justice for animals so that they will be motivated and inspired to help more animals in the future.

If you need more help or are ever unsure of what to do, please call our office for help on 022 4072 7382 between 9:30 am and 6 pm, Monday through Friday, or write to us at If you’re calling after hours, please call our emergency number: (0) 98201 22602.


PETA’s ExtraVEGANza at Tag On – A Fashion Expo

Written by PETA

Posted 09-09-2015, 04:06 PM

Tag On – A Fashion Expo, a platform showcasing designers & exhibitors, which took place at Bombay Exhibition Center, NESCO on September 8 proved to be the perfect platform for PETA’s ExtraVEGANza stall.

PETA exhibited an assortment of vegan products from various companies that don’t test on animals, including a faux-fur jacket from ASOS, bags from Baggit, gqpaccessories and Merci, shoes from Ethik, faux-fur sachets from The Throw Company, faux-leather sachets from Alcantara and banana-silk sarees from Pallod Creations.

Tag on expo collage

PETA’s ‘cow’ mascot also distributed badges among excited guests to proudly point out their own animal-friendly fashions with the tagline “Fake for Animals’ Sake”. Synthetic leather and faux fur materials were also displayed at the stall for awareness.

Cow Mascot at PETA stall

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Not only are all animal products eco-sensitive but vegan labels produce high-quality must-have pieces of clothing and accessories. Pledge to go leather- free TODAY!

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Dogs Rescued From Circus in Need of Loving Homes

Written by PETA

Posted 09-08-2015, 04:32 PM

After being rescued from a life of misery in the World Champion Circus, these wonderful dogs are now looking for a loving permanent home.

They are between 1 ½ and 3 years old and are a playful bunch. They have been vaccinated and sterilised and are now healthy and ready to cuddle with a new family.

Photo 1 - Trophy


Photo 2 - Bhury


Photo 3 - Ruby


Photo 4 - Dolly


Details of the dogs are provided in the table below:

SN Name Sex Breed/colour Age (approx.)
1 Trophy F Spitz/White 1.5 years
2 Bhury F Spitz/White 1.5 years
3 Ruby F Spitz/White 1.5 years
4 Dolly F GSD mix/brown 3 years

If you’re interested in adopting one or more of these dogs, please e-mail PETA is willing to transport them within driving distance from Sangli, Maharashtra, at our expense.


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