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  • Cruelty-Free School Uniforms in Punjab?

    Written by Kriti-S

    As a part of PETA's campaign to give leather the boot, our campaigner Himani Shetty wrote to the director of education in Punjab telling him about the cruel and toxic processes by which cows are killed and have their skins turned into leather. Now, the good news is that the director's office has issued a memorandum strongly recommending that Punjab schools immediately ban leather shoes in favour of less expensive, animal- and eco-friendly canvas shoes. Hooray!

    We would also like to mention that the Himachal Pradesh government has taken steps towards banning leather shoes in its school uniforms. Our very happy campaigner Himani says, "By taking a step towards reducing violence against animals, Punjab – like Himachal Pradesh – is proving that it is a progressive state that cares about the welfare of animals and the environment".

    What's wrong with leather? Well, pretty much everything! Take a look at our undercover investigation video of Indian leather industry – which is narrated by Pamela Anderson – and you'll see how cows are beaten and forced to march long distances in searing heat to their deaths. Many collapse from hunger, exhaustion, injury or illness. To get the cows back on their feet, handlers often twist the animals' tails until they break or rub chilli peppers into their eyes. At the slaughterhouse, the animals are hacked at with dull knives.

    Join us in making all schools in India leather-free. Never buy leather school shoes for your kids, and write to local school authorities asking them to ban them altogether. We think our investigation video could help you open their eyes. Watch it here:





  • In Memory of Prem Kumar

    Written by Kriti-S

    Recently, a phone call from Chennai brought tremendous sadness to our office. We learned that Prem Kumar, an enthusiastic PETA supporter and volunteer, passed away at the young age of 22.

    Prem was passionately involved with organising demonstrations and petition drives and helping wherever and whenever animals needed him. Most recently, he helped our Chief Functionary, Poorva Joshipura, and Campaign Coordinator, Bhuvaneshwari Gupta, organise a news conference highlighting PETA's case in the Supreme Court against the Tamil Nadu Regulation of Jallikattu Act No 27 of 2009, a Tamil Nadu state law that permits Jallikattu, pointing out that this cruel event both violates the spirit of the national Prevention of Cruelty to Animals Act, 1960, and causes numerous human injuries and deaths every year to human participants and spectators. You can read about this campaign, which was dear to Prem's heart, here.

    Here we are sharing a few pictures of Prem in action. We hope these photographs will inspire others to help animals in the way that Prem so lovingly did.

    All of us at PETA extend our deepest condolences to Prem's family and friends.

  • PETA Exposes Abuse of Bullocks

    Written by Kriti-S

    When PETA became aware that bullocks used for transporting sugarcane for Shri Chaatrapati Sahakari Sakhar Karkhana (SCSSK) Ltd were struggling to bear excessive loads, we went to the police. After they failed to take action, we went to court.

    PETA submitted evidence to prove that SCSSK was violating the Prevention of Cruelty to Draught and Pack Animals Rules, 1965, by exceeding the allowable weight of 2,800 kilograms per bullock cart. PETA obtained receipts of payments made to bullock-cart owners by the sugarcane factory that clearly indicate that the loads were far in excess of the legal limit. As a result, the Baramati Session Court has issued a notice against the sugarcane company. The board of directors of SCSSK appealed the issuance to the Baramati Session Court, which will rule on the matter in July.

    Bullock-cart owners in Maharashtra are reportedly encouraged to overload bullocks through incentives offered by sugar factories. The animals are often forced to pull loads twice the size of what a normal, healthy bullock could pull. The additional weight causes bullocks to suffer from swollen knees, necks and shoulders, and the strain impairs their immune systems and shortens their lives.

    Now that the court has issued a notice, our Director of Veterinary Affairs, Dr Manilal Vayillate, is positive about the outcome. He says, "We hope that this court ruling will put the sugarcane factories on notice that their days of flouting the law and tormenting working animals are numbered."

  • To Dad, With Love

    Written by Kriti-S

    PETA India’s Director of Veterinary Affairs, Dr Manilal Valliyate, with his son Arvind


    This 19 June, celebrate your most cherished bond in PETA style! We so want to make your papa feel special on Father's Day that we've put together an awesome list of kind things that you could give to him as a gift. Since our brilliant campaigner Himani Shetty has worked really hard on coming up with these cool gift ideas, we're pretty sure that all the daddies out there are going to just love them! Here you go:

    • The old standby tie takes a whole new turn with stylish, silk-free neckwear from Allan Solly. No silkworms are boiled in their cocoons in order to produce polyester or rayon ties, which are available in all its stores in India.
    • Thinking about a belt, wallet or new pair of kicks? The best leather-free shoes and accessories are available at Compassionate Avenue – a vegan shoe, wallet and belt retailer. (The company's products are available at or via mail order.) You can also find great leather-free options at Baggit, Bata and Shoppers Stop.
    • Top-shelf personal-care products are always a hit with Dad, and you can't miss with the shaving cream, cologne, and other fine cruelty-free products from Avon, Lush, Body Shop and Clinique.
    • For a great read, consider Eating Animals by Jonathan Safran Foer, who wrote this compelling book after becoming a father and re-examining his diet. Eating Animals can be found at your nearest Crossword.
    • If Dad likes chicken curry but you're concerned about what all that fat and cholesterol is doing to his heart, order a bunch of vegan chicken-style strips from Fry's Vegetarian. Cook these strips to perfection and watch Dad enjoy a cruelty-free snack that is far better for his health! Pick up a packet from Nature's Basket.

    So, go on and celebrate Father's Day remembering what Himani says: "Humans aren't the only animals who have dads, so why not give animals a break on Father's Day too?"

    Oh! Don't forget to let us know how you will you celebrate this splendid day by dropping us a comment here!

  • Trisha Wants You to Win!

    Written by PETA

    "Angel to animals" and one of our best pals, Trisha Krishnan – who appears on the cover of the June issue of Galatta – has personally autographed 15 posters for her fans, and here's your chance to win one.

    As you can see, Trisha looks awesomely cute in her new PETA ad in which she urges people to adopt a homeless dog if they are looking to welcome a companion animal into their home.

    Here's how you can enter: Share your story about how you have helped a homeless Indian community dog as a comment to this blog.

    PETA will then choose 15 of the most heart-warming stories to win a poster!


  • Kids Capture Kindness to Animals on Camera

    Written by PETA

    With schools' summer vacations around the corner, PETA, in association with Shoobh Group Welfare Society, has launched a campaign for children which asks them to capture acts of kindness towards animals on camera.

    "People n Animal", as the campaign is called, calls for entries from children from across the country under two categories – art and photography.

    Through this campaign, we encourage children to explore deeds of kindness to animals and capture those moments in photographs or art. The larger goal of this campaign is to plant the seeds of compassion and kindness in children at an early age. Developing empathy towards animals can be a key step in developing empathy for and rejecting violence towards all beings, including humans.

    To learn more about the campaign, go to Shoobh's website

    The jury will comprise well-known names like veteran artist Anjolie Ela Menon and educationist Shyama Chona. The last date for sending entries is August 30, 2011.

    Also, you can be a part of PETA's special programme for school children by joining Compassionate Citizen.

     Welcome aboard!



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