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  • Celebrating 10 Years of Stars Shining for PETA

    Written by PETA

    They are animal rights activists first and actors, models, singers, and photographers second—and they have played a key role in highlighting PETA India's work for animals.

    Celebrating 10 Years: PETA's Celebrity Supporters

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    Bollywood legend John Abraham stripped to nearly nothing for a “No One Wants to Be Caged. Let Birds Fly Free" ad to make the point that of all the animals people commonly keep in their homes, birds make the most unwilling and unsuitable companions. When captured and caged, birds become depressed, withdrawn and even turn to self mutilation.


    Crouched and cowering in a barren, concrete “cell”,celebrated star Amisha Patel focused attention on the sad plight of animals in zoos. Beautiful Bollywood actor Mahima Chaudhary posed walking in the clouds to tell her legions of fans that they too can be "angels" by adopting a healthy and humane vegetarian diet.


    Despite the glittering image conjured by circus advertising, performing animals' lives are truly miserable. Whips, tight collars, muzzles, electric prods, bullhooks and other tools are used to ‘train’ and force animals to perform. Shocked at this cruelty, Bollywood actor Shilpa Shetty volunteered to do an ad campaign for PETA in which dressed in a body-hugging tiger-striped bodysuit, she is poised to leap through a ring of fire.


    These are just some of the stars that have used their talents to draw attention to the plight of animals. Watch our video and please join me in giving a huge, virtual round of applause to all our fabulous celebrity friends! Then help them spread the word by using the links above to share the video on Facebook or post it to your own Web site.

  • Priyanka Shah Sports 'Race-y' T-Shirt During Mumbai Marathon

    Written by PETA

    In a spectacle that turned thousands of heads, model, actor and former Miss India Priyanka Shah was spotted at the Mumbai marathon last weekend sporting a special t-shirt in support of PETA India. The tall, sultry beauty queen, who describes herself as a physical fitness fiend, attributes part of her great form and stamina to her healthy vegetarian diet. Priyanka was accompanied by Clucky, PETA's mascot "chicken". "I love animals and am a vegetarian", says Priyanka, who is the proud rescue "mummy" of two beloved animals. "I have adopted an Indian dog off a Pune street and a cat, from Carter Road here in Mumbai."

    Besides causing animal suffering on a massive scale, eating animals is bad for your health and the environment.

    PS1.JPGThe consumption of meat and other animal-derived products has been conclusively linked to strokes, heart disease, diabetes, obesity and certain types of cancer. Plus, a recent UN report concluded that raising animals for food produces more of the greenhouse-gas emissions responsible for climate change than all the cars, trucks, trains, ships and planes in the world combined.

    Priyanka isn’t the only vegetarian athlete! Fauja Singh, Carl Lewis, Rich Roll, Kirsty Wade, Sally Rose Eastall and Dave Scott all choose vegetarian diets. We can’t think of a better advertisement for the many benefits of going vegetarian than Priyanka at the finish line of that gruelling 21 km marathon!

    Want to join Priyanka in keeping fit and slim? Take PETA's pledge to be veg. Send this e-card to your friends to encourage them to make this positive change in their lives too!

  • No More Bull!

    Written by PETA

    To celebrate PETA India’s 10 years of rocking the world for animals, we’ll be featuring some of our most amazing victories on this blog over the next year, along with some issues we still need your help on. First up are some victories for bulls.

    We wouldn’t let the organizers of two bullfights—one in Bijnor and one planned for Azamgarh in February 2009—off the hook until they cancelled both fights. Hooray for bulls being spared from terrifying, slow and painful deaths!

    Right now, we’re working to help other bulls who are suffering in the cruel “game” of Jallikattu which is held every year in Tamil Nadu on the festival of Pongal. In this lame game, local farmers entertain themselves by attaching money or jewellery to bulls’ horns and chasing the terrified animals around while they try to grab onto their horns to snatch these prizes. Jallikattu endangers both people and animals. This year one person was gored to death and two bulls died as they collided in panic. We need to put an end to this barbarity. Please urge the Chief Minister of Tamil Nadu to ban Jallikattu. Stay tuned for more victories!

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