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  • The Pigs' Small Revenge?

    Written by PETA

    Well, the new swine flu epidemic may already have killed more than 100 people in Mexico, and you don't have to ask us twice to point out what's responsible for all these outbreaks of animalborne diseases one after another. Factory farming, of course.

    Cramming animals by the hundreds or thousands into gigantic, windowless sheds—in which the air is teeming with bacteria and the pigs' or chickens' throats are burned by the accumulated waste—is a recipe for spreading virulent diseases.

    Bottom line: We can stop pigs from killing us if we simply stop killing them.

    Pledge to Go Veg today for the sake of your health!

    You can also help your friends to make a smooth transition to lead a healthy & cruelty free life by sending them this e-card.">E Card

  • We (Heart) Anoop Desai

    Written by PETA

    Devastated as I was when Anoop Desai got voted off American Idol this week, my day perked up when we approached Anoop to ask him to work with us. We sent a letter asking the R&B singer to join the Indian Animal Birth Control (ABC) campaign to "implement humane methods of controlling companion animal populations in slums" in India.

    If Anoop agrees, he'll be joining Idol judge Simon Cowell in the effort to end the animal overpopulation crisis. Plus, people might see Anoop's compassion and finally forgive him for attempting that Usher song …

  • Monkeys Need Humans to be More Civilized

    Written by PETA

    Humans evolved from monkeys thousands of years ago, but certain human acts are as uncivilized and barbaric as life in the prehistoric era. And this was all I could think about when I first heard about the monkeys held captive for over 20 years in AIIMS' central animal facility.


    Confined in small cages, they suffer from various skin infections and most go insane due to pathetic conditions in the laboratories. You can watch the undercover footage below:


    When we learned about how these animals were being treated, we started a campaign to urge AIIMS to rehabilitate the monkeys incarcerated at its central animal facility. We did several demonstrations outside AIIMS trying to put authorities to shame.

    You can too join us in our efforts by leafleting outside AIIMS to make people aware about this insane act and urge AIIMS to switch to humane and widely available non-animal research alternatives. All you need to do is sign up for the Street Team!

  • PETA Youth Rocks the Mountains of Shimla at Jaypee's Lefeistus

    Written by PETA

    When every one around was enjoying a three day long weekend, PETA Youth was busy campaigning for horses in the beautiful hills of Shimla, Himachal Pradesh.

    Yes, you guessed right! We tabled at Jaypee University’s annual college festival, Le Fiestus 09. Amidst rock concerts, buzzing students and a lot of chaos, we got over a thousand students to sign our petition to ban horse carts in Mumbai.



    Horses are used to haul heavy loads, and they can be worked far past the point of exhaustion. When they are too worn out to continue, horses often collapse and are repeatedly whipped in an effort to get them back on their feet. Horses are overloaded far beyond the legal limit, and they are frequently denied adequate rest, food, and water.

    Popular Delhi band Lavender Carnage lent its support to our cause by sporting cool PETA Youth t-shirts during their performance and signing our petition.

    We also organized a art competition around our favorite theme: animals! And, of course, people created some funny caricatures of Colonel Sanders too.

    You can help animals by tabling at various college festivals in your city. You just need to sign up for the PETA Youth Street Team.

  • Olympic Wrestler Sushil Kumar Wants You to Be Fit and Strong

    Written by PETA

    Sushil Kumar may be the most feared wrestler in the world, but he's really a softie at heart. The macho man has already conquered the ring with a bronze medal at the 2008 Beijing Olympics, but now he's set to conquer your hearts with his new pro vegetarian ad. .


    The man who defeated wrestlers from all over the world owes his success to a purely vegetarian diet, dashing all theories proposed by heartless meat eaters who claim you need protein from meat to have strong and healthy body.

    Sushil is living proof that a healthy vegetarian diet is a winning formula for athletes and non-athletes alike. "Look at me: I defeated non-vegetarians from America and Kazakhstan in the Olympics, so you can see that vegetarians have a lot of strength", says the victorious vegetarian.

    You can too follow Sushil’s mantra for a healthy lifestyle by pledging to go veg today!


  • Smashing Pumpkins: the Latest to Boycott KFC

    Written by PETA

    Back in 1988, when Smashing Pumpkins first got together, they probably had no idea what success was in store for their new band. They've sold more than 30 million albums worldwide, taken home a Grammy and MTV's Video of the Year Award, and they recently wrapped a massive national tour in honor of their 20th anniversary.

    Now, founding members Billy Corgan and former drummer Jimmy Chamberlin have joined the growing list of compassionate musicians who have teamed up with PETA to help KFC’s chickens. Both Billy and Jimmy recently signed our petition against fast-food giant KFC because they want to help end the suffering of chickens at the hands of KFC's suppliers.

    Every year, approximately 850 million chickens are tortured and killed for KFC. These sensitive, intelligent birds are crammed by the tens of thousands into crowded, waste-filled sheds, where they spend their entire miserable lives. At the slaughterhouse, these gentle birds are hung upside-down with their legs in metal shackles while their throats are cut. They are dropped into tanks of scalding-hot water—often while they are still conscious.

    Both Billy and Jimmy recently stood up for the chickens suffering at the hands of KFC's suppliers by signing a peta2 US petition against fast-food giant KFC. Want to do your part for KFC chickens? Vote with your dollar and boycott KFC.

    To get even more involved in standing up for animals, just sign up for the petaDishoom Street Team. You can even earn free stuff for helping out!


  • Raveena Thinks Leather is Not Mast

    Written by PETA

    Mast girl Raveena Tandon has donned a new avtaar to speak out against the use of leather. According to Raveena, leather is never sexy or fashionable.

    She says, "We think it is a style statement, but actually, the way it is made and the way we use it, it harms us."



    According to Fair TradeMark Canada, many rivers in India are poisoned by tannery wastes. Groundwater near tanneries has been found with highly elevated levels of lead, cyanide and formaldehyde. Who wants that in their water?

    And this doesn't even touch on the horrible things the animals are exposed to. Just for starters, young cattle are often deliberately maimed since it is illegal to kill healthy young cattle. Believe it or not, India's treatment of cows is among the cruelest in the world.

    Want to help the cattle cruelly killed for their skins? First, pledge to never wear leather again. Then, sign up for the petaDishoom Street Team to get active for all animals.


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