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  • PETA Youth's First Ad for Naag Panchami Unveiled in Style

    Written by PETA

    On the eve on Naag Panchami, we organized a glam filled evening to unveil our new ad with supermodel Jesse Randhawa and top-notch salsa dancer Sandip Sopparkar.


    Jesse and Sandip were the centre of attraction as they performed and unveiled the ad, which has the tagline “Snakes Are Not Natural Performers—We Are. Boycott All Snake Shows.” Many other hot shot names from the fashion circle, including Sheetal Malhar, Udita Goswami, Jiah Khan, Anju Mahendroo, Pia Trivedi, Nina Manuel, and many more, turned out to support to PETA’s campaign and speak up against cruelty to snakes . PETA’s Chief Funtionary Ms. Anuradha Sawhney addressed the media and spoke about cruel aspects of snake charming . You can take action for these animals just by signing our petition against cruelty to snakes.

  • Jiah Khan Takes on Wings for PETA

    Written by PETA

    Jiah%20Khan%202.jpgPETA’s newest brand ambassador is none other than actress Jiah Khan, who posed as an injured bird on a tree branch holding a placard reading “Cut Out Glass coated Manja, Not Wings” Jiah posed to speak out against against the use of glass coated manjas which injures birds during kite flying festivals like Makar Sakranti and Independence. After the kite flying is over, this glass coated manja is left caught up in trees and electricity poles and unsuspecting birds easily get entangled in it. As they struggle to free themselves the manja digs deeper into their legs and wings. These wounds, if left untreated, often result in a slow and painful death.This Independence Day, please don’t use glass coated Manjas for the birds’ sake! Want to do more to help the birds, and all other animals? Join our Street Team to earn free stuff while getting active for animals!

  • Pamela Anderson Takes a Juicy Bite

    Written by PETA

    Pamela Anderson, PETA US' honorary director, was in Canada, her home country, today. Where'd she have lunch? At a KFC with local animal rights advocates, just to sample the new faux-chicken Classic Vegetarian Sandwich! For the past five years, Ms. Anderson has been a big part of PETA US' international campaign against KFC, whose suppliers have been responsible for some serious Kentucky Fried Cruelty. While the KFC boycott continues to rage outside Canada, the United Purchasing Group of Canada—which is responsible for coordinating the purchasing of all chickens for Canadian KFCs—entered into an agreement with PETA US to dramatically improve animal welfare standards and reduce suffering. Yes, before you comment—we'd rather all the KFCs were all-vegan and we'd rather the whole world went vegan. But if you were a chicken with the choice of whether or not you wanted to have a wing painfully broken and be scalded to death, and PETA could help you get that relief but didn't control the whole world, I'm guessing I know which option you'd go for. Want to get similar results in India? Sign up for the Street Team to get started helping animals today!Pam1.jpgPam2.jpg
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