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  • Nothing Fishy About It!

    Written by PETA

    Fish%20final.jpgHolding signs reading ‘Fish are not swimming vegetables’ and “Fishing Hurts’, PETA India activists recently protested against the 8th Asian Fisheries Forum in Cochin. As no laws or regulations adequately regulate the treatment of fish, both commercial fishers and fish farmers treat fish in a cruel manner. Dragged from the bottom of the ocean, fish undergo excruciating decompression – the intense internal pressure often ruptures their swim-bladders, pops out their eyes and pushes their stomachs through their mouths. They are then tossed onto ship decks, where many slowly suffocate or are crushed to death. Others are still alive when their throats and bellies are cut open.Fish are intelligent individuals who deserve our compassion. Eating fish is not only cruel but also dangerous to our health and a disaster for the environment. The best thing we can do for fish, Mother Earth and our own well-being is to go vegetarian.For more information visit

  • Vegetarianism: A Path to Spirituality !

    Written by PETA

    Someone once said after going vegetarian that they can finally look a fish in the face, and truly enjoy her beauty, because they are not longer harming other fish like her. I too find that once you consciously make this decision to let your animal friends enjoy their right to live, you start relating to other beings at a deeper level. Choosing not to eat animals involves being empathetic to how others’ feel, and it therefore makes you a more sensitive person not only towards animals but also to other people. Being vegetarian has made me feel closer to nature and for me, it is a path towards being more spiritual.

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  • PETA Activists caged to protest Poultry India 2007 in Hyderabad

    Written by PETA

    kfc.JPGHolding signs that read Meet your Meat and Meat is Murder and imprisoned in cages, members of PETA India protested the extremely crowded and miserable conditions which chickens killed for meat are forced to endure. Other PETA members distributed leaflets to passers-by and gave details of how birds killed for meat lead miserable lives and meet frightening deaths. PETA was protesting the Poultry India 2007 event, held in Hyderabad recently.Get active for chickens and circulate the petaDishoom KFC petition sheet amongst your family and friends while making a pledge not to support KFC. And for taking this on, petaDishoom will send you prizes. Check out for more details.

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