PETA India’s Bevy of ‘Baby Chicks’ to Call on Nagpur Residents to Try Vegan

For Immediate Release:

12 November 2018


Radhika Suryavanshi; [email protected]

Garima Jain; [email protected]

Group Reminds Locals That Egg Industry Uses Cruel Methods to Kill Baby Chicks

Nagpur – Just in time for Children’s Day and during World Vegan Month, a group of children wearing chick costumes – volunteers for People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA) India – will hold signs reminding passers-by that baby chicks are killed in gruesome ways by the egg industry. Their aim? To let people know that the best way to help stop animal suffering while improving their own health is to go vegan.

When:             Tuesday, 13 November, 4 pm

Where:           On the steps of Eternity Mall (near Variety Square), Sitabuldi, Nagpur

A recent eyewitness investigation of several hatcheries and farms run by top players in the Indian egg and meat industries in Andhra Pradesh and Telangana, states where the majority of the chickens used for eggs and meat in India are reared, revealed for the first time that millions of male and otherwise unwanted chicks in the country are commonly ground up, drowned, burned, crushed, thrown into rubbish bins, and even fed to other animals while still alive. In the egg industry, males are considered useless because they don’t lay eggs and haven’t been bred to produce excessive flesh for meat. Females fare little better, as they’re typically confined to cages barely larger than their own bodies and sent to slaughter as soon as their egg production wanes.

“The gruesome killing of countless male chicks simply because they cannot lay eggs is not only cruel but also entirely unnecessary. It’s easy to cook using plant-based ingredients instead of supporting the cruelty of the egg industry,” says PETA India campaigner Radhika Suryavanshi. “And because eggs are loaded with cholesterol and saturated fat, the best way to look after our own health and protect hens is to go vegan.”

In addition to sparing chickens and other animals immense suffering, people who go vegan dramatically reduce their carbon footprint as well as their risk of suffering from cancer, heart disease, diabetes, or obesity.

Video footage of the plight of baby chicks is available upon request. PETA India, whose motto reads, in part, that “animals are not ours to eat”, points out that those who want tips on going egg-free can order a copy of its free vegan starter kit by e-mailing [email protected].

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