Body painted ‘Animals’ Urge Kolkata Residents To Steer Clear Of Zoos In Advance Of Holi

For Immediate Release:

27 February 2018


Ayushi Sharma; [email protected]

Nirali Gada; [email protected]

PETA India Supporters Want the Public to Know That Only Free Animals Can Show Their True Colours

Kolkata – Wearing bodypaint and carrying placards proclaiming, “No More Cages. Say NO to Zoos,” members of People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA) India will pose as tigers, cheetahs, and zebras on Alipore Road in advance of Holi. Their point? That the only way that animals can show their true colours – and engage in all the types of behaviour natural to their species – is by living in their native environments, where they belong.

When: Wednesday, 28 February, 12 noon sharp

Where: Ouside Alipore Zoo, 2 Alipore Road, Kolkata, West Bengal 700 027

“Wild animals belong in their natural habitats, not jailed in zoos,” explains PETA India’s Ayushi Sharma. “PETA India is asking the public to let animals show their true colours by saying no to zoos.”

PETA India – whose motto reads, in part, that “animals are not ours to use for entertainment” – points out that animals in zoos are denied everything that’s natural and important to them, including the opportunities to fly, swim, select partners, and socialise, and they often express their frustration and loneliness through obsessive, repetitive, and even self-destructive behaviour patterns. PETA India’s investigations of zoos across India have revealed horrific conditions, including inadequate food, water, housing, veterinary care, and environmental enrichment.

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