And the Winner Is …

Posted on by PETA

The competition was fierce, but Mumbai resident Madhurima Raj has beaten out other entrants to claim the prize of a luxurious aquamarine dress from renowned leather-free designer Anupamaa Dayal.

To win, Madhurima answered this question: “Why are animals not ours to wear?” 

Although all the entrants’ answers reflected a true understanding of the horrific cruelty that animals who are used for leather face, Madhurima nailed it with her heartfelt reply:

How would we feel if someone peels off our skin in the name of fashion? Leaving you suffer and in pain, how can someone show off his/her fur coat or leather jacket? We have no right to steal an animal’s skin for our luxury. It is unfair and extremely cruel! Animals are definitely not our clothes or shoes – they should be treated as equals as they have every right to live on this planet as much as we do. Animals suffer immensely while being skinned for the leather, fur or exotic skin trade. Cows and buffaloes are crammed onto vehicles in such high numbers that their bones snap, they suffocate or die en route. Animals feel pain just as we do – they have emotions, too. There is no justification for using their skin for our clothing. Absolutely not!

Congratulations, Madhurima!

PETA encourages everyone to go cruelty-free, and an easy way to start is by giving leather the boot.