WATCH: Full Documentary Showing the Plight of Captive Elephants in Jaipur

Posted on by PETA

Elephants in Jaipur who are forced to give tourists rides and used in other ways are subjected to cruelty and suffer from physical and mental distress. They face being beaten with sharp, hooked ankuses and other weapons. Their wounds and injuries are often left untreated. They are constantly chained, including with spiked hobbles, on concrete floors, which commonly leaves them with severe foot problems.

Where the Elephant Sleeps is a must-see, eye-opening film by Brigitte U Kornetzky documenting the lives of elephants Sita, Moti, Lakshmi, and Anno and the pain and mistreatment to which they’re subjected.

You can watch it here:

An inspection of elephants in Jaipur – conducted by an Animal Welfare Board of India–authorised team, which included experienced veterinarians and elephant experts from the Centre for Studies on Elephants at the College of Veterinary and Animal Sciences in Kerala, PETA India, Animal Rahat, and Wildlife SOS – revealed rampant and widespread abuse of captive elephants used for rides and other tourist activities in Jaipur, in apparent violation of Indian animal-protection laws.

You can view footage from the inspection here:

You can help these elephants by taking the pledge never to ride them:

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