Vodafone Wins First PETA India Glitter Box Award for its Animal Friendly ‘ZOOZOO’ Ad

Posted on by PETA

Apart from winning all the applause for their latest ‘ZooZoo’ campaign, Vodafone has also won the first of PETA’s 2009 Glitterbox Awards, which are given to businesses that take advantage of humane alternatives to the use of real animals in their ads.

‘ZooZoo’ is part of the latest Vodafone ad campaign, which has replaced the company’s ‘Pug’ ad campaign. PETA has raised objections in the past to the use of animals (including a parakeet and a dog) in Vodafone’s (Hutch) ad campaigns.

Vodafone’s (Hutch) first ‘Pug’ ad was bad news for real life pugs. Many viewers purchased pugs, and breeders cranked out as many puppies as they could. Later, when their fad appeal wore off, many dogs ended up in shelters or were simply abandoned.

The latest ‘ZooZoo’ ads are a refreshing change from the earlier Vodafone (Hutch) ad campaigns, proving that there are many creative ways to convey a message without using animals. Animals used in films are often treated as little more than props, and many suffer terribly behind the scenes.

Kudos to Vodafone for giving us ‘ZooZoo’. We don’t even complain about the commercial breaks between the IPL matches anymore. Do we?

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