Video: Bani J Teams Up With PETA India to Save Injured Bird

Posted on by PETA

Actor, fitness model, and MTV presenter Bani J can officially add “animal rescuer” to her résumé. While taking some time off in Versova, Mumbai, Four More Shots Please! actor Bani spotted a kite (as in a bird) who appeared to be in distress. Seemingly unable to fly, the raptor was desperately flapping his wings and toppling over on the ground.

Bani knew exactly what to do – she called PETA India for help. While our rescue team quickly made its way to Versova, Mumbai, she gave the bird water from a water spray and made sure that the cats who were watching the scene play out didn’t get too close. When the rescue team arrived, Bani said goodbye to her new friend and wished him well as they carefully placed the ailing bird inside a carrier and rushed him to a veterinarian.

He was fortunate that help arrived when it did. The vet found that in addition to being dehydrated, the bird was suffering from food poisoning, likely from eating spoiled meat. He also had a chicken feather lodged in his throat, which may have been why he couldn’t take in enough water. After delicately removing the feather, the doctor was able to get the kite to eat and drink before sending him with PETA India to spend a few days resting and recovering.

However, birds deserve to be in their natural habitat, and after a couple of weeks, when the kite was strong and healthy, it was time to say goodbye. The team that had rescued him returned to the location and watched with wide smiles as he spread his wings and took off into the sky. He gracefully circled their heads for a moment, as if to thank them before soaring away.

If you see an animal who is injured or in immediate danger, alert local authorities and stay with the animal until help arrives. If authorities are unresponsive, contact PETA India. It doesn’t take a superhero to be a hero to an animal in need.

Key takeaway? Stay with the animal until help arrives.

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