Is Veganism In?

Posted on by PETA

IMG00918-20100831-1511.jpgWell, if you don’t read the news or are unaware, I just wanted to point out that veganism is so ‘in’. I have to admit, I spend a lot of time devouring delightful lip-smacking vegan dishes. And when I’m not noshing on vegan feasties, I’m fantasizing about what I wanna eat for my next meal. Most young Indians know that being vegan is cool! I became vegan because I wanted to eat guilt free and stay healthy. Wouldn’t you want to live healthy? Dairy Cows and buffaloes are beaten into submission and artificially inseminated so that they will keep producing milk. Since I went vegan, I’ve become a foodie. Everything is more exciting and tasty, especially knowing that it’s guilt-free—no animals were harmed and I’m helping save the planet!Next time someone asks you what you eat as a vegan, tell them everything! And give a try to some of the vegan substitutes out there for meat and dairy products. Tell us: what you will cook tonight?