This ‘Isle of Dogs’–Style Video Exposes a University’s Own Cruelty to Dogs

Posted on by PETA

Wes Anderson’s highly anticipated new film Isle of Dogs will hit Indian theatres on July 6th, and our friends at PETA US have released their own video using stop-motion animation to tell the story of a dog in desperate need of rescue. The new video short depicts a canine in Texas A&M University’s (TAMU) laboratory, an American university laboratory, where dogs are purposely bred to develop crippling muscular dystrophy (MD) and then experimented on.

Dogs at TAMU are caged inside a barren laboratory. Their swollen tongues and weakened jaw muscles make it difficult for them to swallow and breathe, and ropes of saliva hang from their mouths.

Nearly four decades of experiments that cause dogs to suffer have failed to produce a cure or even a treatment to reverse symptoms of MD in humans. PETA US is calling for these cruel experiments to end and all surviving dogs to be released from this “trash island” of a laboratory.

PETA US’s efforts to end these tests have received support from patients afflicted with MDscientists—who have criticized the experiments’ inapplicability to human patients—and public figures, including Lily Tomlin, American football team Miami Dolphins quarterback and TAMU alumnus Ryan Tannehill, and commentator Bill Maher, who called the university “dogs’ worst enemy.”

You Can Speak Out Against This Cruelty

Please, join PETA US in urging this university to close down its dog laboratory, stop breeding MD-afflicted dogs, and release all dogs for adoption into good homes.