Shibani Dandekar’s ‘Extraa’ Exclusive PETA Interview

Posted on by PETA

We’re big fans of Shibani Dandekar, so you can imagine how excited we were when she contacted us and asked what she could do to help animals! It turns out that the super-talented singer, dancer, model and host of the Indian Premier League’s Extraa Innings is also a super-passionate animal rights advocate. Needless to say, we jumped at the chance to sit down and chat about animal rights with the Bollywood beauty.

“If you see someone being cruel to another animal, your natural instinct should kick in, you should be able to say ‘STOP IT’. … Whether you are educated about it or not, harming any kind of creature, harming another human. The way they we behave with humans is the way we should behave with any other animals” ,says Shibani, who believes that animals deserve consideration just as humans do. She also discusses her disdain for keeping birds in cages and her love of faux fur, and she encourages people to intervene if they see an animal abused. And did we mention how she called on PETA to help her rescue a neglected dog? Well, why don’t we just let Shibani tell you all about it herself? Here’s more from the “DMAJOR” star: