Schitz en Giggles for PETA Youth

Posted on by PETA

The start of a new academic year is ripe with opportunity, which is why the Management Society of Thadomal Shahani Engineering College (MS-TSEC) kicked it off with a special initiative – raising funds to help animals. The institute’s annual festival, CarMa, teamed up with famed comedy collective Schitz en Giggles to host a fundraiser to support PETA Youth‘s mission to end animal abuse.


MS-TSEC students were in for a real treat – and not just because the boys from Schitz en Giggles made them laugh uncontrollably.


Schitz en Giggles do what they do best.


Schitz en Giggles

In addition to honing management skills, students were empowered to make a difference for animals.


To get involved with PETA Youth and organise an empowering event at your college, please e-mail [email protected].