Rescue of the Month: Dog Oreo Determined to Survive

Posted on by Sudhakarrao Karnal

Blood and saliva were dripping from Oreo’s mouth, pooling onto the road as he desperately hoped someone would help him.

Assuming he was rabid, humans avoided the poor dog, shooing him away – but Oreo refused to give up. His determination eventually led him to a family who called PETA India’s emergency response team for help.

Oreo remained with the family, and PETA India’s emergency rescue team was quick to arrive

When the rescue team reached the spot, Oreo was pawing at his mouth, howling in distress. The team quickly sedated him to get a closer look inside his mouth. That’s when they saw what was causing Oreo so much agony: a large chunk of jagged bone had impaled his gums and was tightly wedged between his teeth!

Oreo was in tremendous pain from a bone wedged between his teeth

After removing the bone and flushing the blood from his mouth, the team gave him pain medicine and waited for him to recover from sedation. When Oreo awoke, he was given a large bowl of food and water. The food, along with warm hugs from the staff, soon had Oreo’s tail wagging!

He was already neutered, so the team arranged with the family who reported his troubles to look after and feed Oreo.

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