Ready to Adopt a Feline Friend? Choti Is Your Gal!

Posted on by Anahita Grewal

Thanks to a keen-eyed rag picker who rescued her from the trash and compassionate journalist Uzmi Athar who then fostered her in Noida, this 7-month-old Indian kitten named Choti is ready to meet her new adopted family.

Choti is one pawesome and resilient kitten. She was just a few weeks old and severely malnourished when heartless Noida residents threw her out with the air conditioning unit box she was hiding in. But after Uzmi took Choti to the veterinarian every day for treatments, she recovered. Now 7 months old, Choti is a joyful, healthy, and playful little girl, who is also vaccinated, dewormed, and sterilised!

Uzmi has been a purrfect angel for nursing and fostering Choti, but Uzmi’s companion cats have made it clear that meow it’s time to find Choti her own loving forever family. Will you help?

If you’re ready and able to give Choti all the care, attention, and affection this darling deserves, please contact us at [email protected] or on 70459 22026. PETA India is willing to transport Choti within driving distance or even a one-day train ride from Delhi at our expense.

Adopting companion animals saves lives and helps fight animal homelessness. Please remember to always adopt, don’t shop!


Adopt Don't Shop