Raveena Doesn’t Like Monkey Business

Posted on by PETA

A runaway monkey found her way to Raveena Tandon-Thadani’s bungalow in Bandra last week. When the actor noticed that the animal had a rope tied around her neck, she realised that she was a captive monkey, who must have fled from being forced to perform. Raveena immediately gave her some treats and called PETA. She even tweeted, “A runaway monkey in our home..called the peta rescue guys pic.twitter.com/9oePqU2iia“.

India prohibits the use of monkeys, bears, tigers, panthers and lions in street performances. And all species of monkeys are protected under the Wildlife Protection Act, 1972, which declares that all Indian wildlife is government property and also prohibits the capture and possession of monkeys. But because of a lack of enforcement, Madaris across India brazenly use monkeys to beg for money.

PETA has arranged for the monkey to go to the Primate Trust India rescue centre in Goa, where she will be able to live with other monkeys, play and go swimming.

This isn’t the first time that Raveena has teamed up with PETA to help animals. She recently appeared in an ad to promote adoption of community dogs and has adopted two puppies from the streets. Prior to that, she dressed in a snake print (not snakeskin) gown for a PETA ad that read, “Wearing Exotic Skins Kills – Leave Wildlife out of Your Wardrobe”.

Contact your local animal-protection non-governmental organisation if you see a banned animal forced to perform. Additionally, you can join PETA’s Activist Network to get active for animals.