Prescription for Swine Flu: Go Vegan

Posted on by PETA

Have you heard the proverb prevention is better than cure? We believe it’s true, which is why our prescription to swine flu is veganism.

With growing concerns over a mutating swine flu virus, we want everyone to know that there’s one simple way to prevent such outbreaks before they occur: adopt a vegan diet. Recently, a PETA pig and two lovely PETA volunteers posed as nurses urging the people of Pune to go vegan. A lot of passers-by stopped to get our prescription for swine flu. As the names imply, swine flu and avian flu come from pigs and birds, and the virus mutates into pathogens that can afflict humans.It’s needless to say that this happens because the conditions on factory farms are filthy and stressful. Pigs and other animals on factory farms are fed a steady diet of antibiotics which causes viruses to mutate and grow stronger.

This is why we urge you to follow our prescription for swine flu: Go Vegan. Please comment below to tell us why you would go vegan.