Parikrama Says, ‘Never Be Silent’

Posted on by PETA

In their new ad, renowned rock band Parikrama‘s members, Nitin, Sonam, Saurabh, Subir, Gaurav and Srijan, dressed in black with the caption “Never Be Silent” next to them and asked their legions of fans to speak out against animal abuse and to take action.

The “Never Be Silent” campaign is based on one of the most powerful ideas that Dr Martin Luther King Jr gave the world: “Injustice anywhere is a threat to justice everywhere”.

The band unveiled the ad during their gig at the Hard Rock Café in Delhi.

“All animals deserve to live a life free of unnecessary suffering and exploitation”, said Parikrama keyboardist Subir Malik. We and PETA are challenging people to speak up for animals in need whenever and however they can.”

Animals in India – and around the world – suffer and die every day at the hands of animal abusers. From horses used to haul carriages heavier than their bodies can bear to dogs who are forced to live in loneliness and fear at the end of a chain, society’s abuse of animals runs the gamut.

In addition to their first hit song, “Till I’m No One Again”, Parikrama has dazzled listeners with “Am I Dreaming”, “Load Up”, “Tears of the Wizard”, “Vapourize” and many other unforgettable tunes.

You can help animals. Ask the government to pass stronger laws to protect animals now.