Nepal Elephant-Training Procedures For ‘Joyrides’

Posted on by PETA

Calves are separated from their mothers and then chained.

Heavy chains are used to hold the calf in one place for many hours.

During “training”, the bull calf is poked, prodded and hit with sticks by a crowd.

The bull calf is tied tightly to a pole for hours. The terrifying “desensitising” session lasts several hours every night for weeks.

The bull calf is “desensitised” with the use of flames. The flames brush against the elephant and burn the animal’s skin.

Chains and restrainers with iron nails poke into the elephant’s skin, causing painful injuries and infections.

This bull calf is hit and prodded with sticks and simultaneously surrounded by flames, crowds and noise. Because he is tied, he cannot move to avoid the heat of the flames.

Rope burns and other injuries are infliicted on the elephant during training.

Burn scars on this elephant’s forehead can be seen after the training.