Mumbai Prison Brings in Veggie Reform

Posted on by PETA

Happy news has come in for veggie supporters from none other than the DIG of prisons in Mumbai. In a filed affidavit, the state’s top prison official Mr Ashok Patil told Bombay High court that only vegetarian food should be served in the prisons to prevent any sort of tensions in jail since population in jail comprises of people from all religions and cultures. Patil also justified vegetarian food stating that non-vegetarian food should be best avoided in lieu of diseases like food poisoning, communicable diseases and bird flu.

Advocate Aisha Ansari, counsel for the convicts, said that the banning non-veg food in jail was a violation of their fundamental rights. Right, because animals don’t deserve the right to a peaceful and torture-free life.

Making the change from a non vegetarian diet to a vegetarian one is definitely the first step towards bringing about a humane change in prisoners. Vegetarianism is not just about a mere change in diet but also a change in way you think and feel compassion for other beings. Learn more on health benefits on vegetarianism and we will help you make the transition to a humane way of life.