Mother Cat Saves Her Kitten With PETA’s Help

Posted on by PETA

A distressed mother’s cry for help is a universal sound that all species understand. So when three PETA staff members heard a mother cat crying near a parked car, they knew that there was a kitten in trouble nearby. After locating the car’s owner and opening the hood, they found a kitten trapped in the engine.

Unable to reach the terrified animal, they tried to lure her out with food, but she was too scared to move. So they dropped a small snack to her, which she happily ate while a PETA employee crawled beneath the car and pulled her to safety.

It was a frightening ordeal for the mother-and-daughter duo, and the kitten was elated to be free. She celebrated by running to her mommy, and the happy pair ran away together into a nearby garden.We warned neighbours to watch out for cats under cars and added the area to a list of places to monitor for our cat sterilisation project.

What You Can Do to Help
If you see an animal who needs help, please stop and do something!

Be prepared by familiarising yourself with PETA’s When You See an Animal in Distress guide.

If you’re not sure what to do, call our office for help on 022 4072 7382, between 9:30 am and 6 pm, Monday through Friday. If it’s after hours, call our emergency number on (0) 98201 22602. Thank you for helping animals !