Mimi & Maggie Join PETA’s Campaign Against Circus Cruelty at IKFW

Posted on by PETA

Clothing company Mimi & Maggie are known for feminine, playful designs and have now added compassion to their list of inspirations, teaming up with PETA for this year’s India Kids Fashion Week (IKFW).

Mimi & Maggie dedicated their spring show to PETA’s campaign against circus cruelty and pulled out all the stops to make an ethical fashion statement. During their show, a clown took to the stage holding a placard reading, “I Choose to Perform, Animals Don’t. Say No to Animal Circuses”. Mimi and Maggie Clown photos (1) Mimi and Maggie Clown photos (2)

What You Can Do to Help

The best way to put an end to animal circuses is by never patronizing them and by urging the government to ban the use of animals in circuses.