Milk Is the Real Joke

Posted on by PETA

April Fool’s!

You’ve been PETA punk’d! We are not opening a human breast milk ice cream parlour, but we are encouraging you not to be a sucker for cow’s milk. If the thought of drinking human breast milk – which is made for our human bodies – makes you shudder, just think how udderly unnatural it is to drink milk from another species. 

Cows on dairy farms are often forced to produce such an unnaturally large volume of milk that they have painfully enlarged udders. Many cows used by the dairy industry also suffer from mastitis, an inflammation of the udder – an extremely painful condition. Their babies are torn away from them right after birth and often deprived of the mother’s milk that is stolen for humans to drink. Watch PETA’s video on dairy farm cruelty in India:


Seventy per cent of milk samples collected across the country in 2011 by the Food Safety and Standards Authority of India (FSSAI) revealed detergents or other contaminants. The study found urea, starch, glucose, and formalin along with detergent used as adulterants used to increase the thickness and viscosity of the milk as well as to attempt to preserve it. When we drink cows’ milk, these contaminants enter our bodies. That’s no joke!

Put your health first and ditch dairy products. Besides decreasing your risk of some of India’s biggest killers – diabetes, cancer and heart disease – your skin will look better (acne is linked to milk consumption). Plant foods provide the energy, protein, vitamins and minerals that we need in order to be healthy and strong without all the fat and cholesterol. Try non-dairy, cruelty-free milks like almond or soya milk next time a craving for something creamy overtakes you.

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