PETA to Open From Mom, on Ice

Posted on by PETA

PETA is excited to announce that we are opening From Mom, on Ice, an all-natural, cruelty-free ice cream parlour with a twist: instead of stealing milk from cows with infected udders, all our ice cream will be made with donated breast milk from human mothers. It doesn’t get more free-range than that!

Unlike cows’ milk, which is udderly unnatural for humans and comes from miserable cows who are often injected with Oxytocin – which induces pains like those of labour contractions – in order to force them to produce more milk, the milk used in our ice cream will come from willing human donors with a clean bill of health.

Moms have thrown their support behind the idea – perhaps because they can imagine how traumatic it must be for mother cows to have their newborn babies taken away from them – and have been lining up at PETA’s door to pump. So many women have volunteered to help that we are at the point of turning some of them away!

As milk donor Geeta Ravikumar explains, “Our milk is pure and donated happily, whereas cows don’t have a choice. People will taste the difference”.

From Mom, on Ice will serve up delicious flavours such as Lullaby Lemon, Wet Nurse Watermelon and Cry Baby Coconut. Keep an eye out for the grand opening of From Mom, on Ice in the Mumbai area soon!