Little Millennium Schoolchildren Wearing Animal Masks Join PETA India in Distributing Water Bowls for Community Animals

Posted on by Shreya Manocha

Young supporters of PETA India from Little Millennium schools wearing animal masks gave away free water bowls in Lucknow, Surat, Mumbai and Bhopal to point out that it’s crucial to help animals avoid heatstroke and dehydration amid soaring temperatures.


“We’re thrilled to announce our collaboration with PETA India for this campaign to distribute water bowls to animals,” says Little Millennium Education CEO Sajid Ali. “Our students are eager to make a big difference for animals. Together, let’s teach kindness and compassion by ensuring that every animal has access to clean water. Our school is committed to teaching students about kindness, because we know that kind kids grow into responsible adults.”

Unlike humans, dogs can sweat only through their footpads and cool themselves by panting. Birds, who do not have sweat glands, pant or seek shade in order to cool themselves. High temperatures can cause heat stress and even result in death. On the streets of India, animals face numerous challenges – including hunger, abuse, and accidents – and many dogs and cats end up in shelters. Purchasing animals from breeders or pet shops only exacerbates the homeless-animal crisis.

PETA India also encourages everyone to keep animal companions indoors when temperatures are high and never to leave them inside parked cars, where they can succumb to heatstroke within minutes.

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