Let Your Best Friend Shine on Friendship Day

Posted on by PETA

If you have a rescued dog or cat, you’ll want to take part in this!

You love them every day of the year, but Friendship Day gives you the chance to tell the world why your dog, cat, or other rescued companion animal is the best.

  • Create a short video (and, of course, be sure to include your canine or feline buddy) telling us: How were your friends rescued – adopted from a shelter or rescued off the streets? What makes them so special? Do they have any funny habits or quirks? Give us all the details.
  • Upload the video of your rescued dog or cat companion on social media.
  • Tag PETA India (@petaindia) in your post on social media with hashtag #AdoptDontShop or #FriendshipDay, and we might share it!

Celebrate Friendship Day by sharing your beloved rescued companion with the world.

Here’s an example:


Pledge To Adopt This Friendship Day