A Lesson To Be Remembered

Posted on by PETA

An amazing incident took place in Sizhou, China where angry monkeys turned their ire on their cruel trainer and bashed him senselessly with his own stick after he gave out vicious beating to one of the trio during a performance in which the monkey were supposed to ride a mini bicycle in a market.

This should serve as a warning to all those people who use animals for entertainment and treat them cruelly: animals can retaliate, and even if it doesn’t happen immediately, it could happen eventually, and the animals will surely not spare them.

To see the picture image=1 “>click here.

I’m sure there are hundreds of monkeys in India who would very much like to do the same to their cruel masters. Wanna be the one to help them? Join petaDishoom’s http://petadishoom.com/streetteam/st_signup.asp>Street Team.

If you have any information on anybody who treats animal cruelly, tell us and together we can dishoom the cruelty.